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Storm Damage

Unfortunately Mother nature can produce some nasty weather. Siding, roofing, windows and gutters can be damaged by severe winds, hail and ice. Most homeowner's are not aware of how severe weather can damage a home. Damage to your home may not been seen by the untrained eye. Our restoration specialists are trained to identify damage so we can assist our clients in restoring their home.

Signs of roof damage are missing shingles, small leaks inside our house, fractured and or bruised shingles. When hailstones strike your roofing shingles is could fracture the fiberglass mat to your shingle. If you fiberglass mat is exposed sunlight, rain or other weather anomalies can accelerate the deterioration of the shingles. After a period of time the roof mat will wither way thus leading to roof leaks.

Wind damage is a little easier to detect. Obviously if wind blew some shingles of your home you can see that from the ground. However what you can't see is if the shingles that still remain are fractured. High winds could have lifted the shingles which could possible add a crease to the shingles which could fracture the fiberglass mat again possible leading to you roof leaking.

If your home does not get repaired you run the risk of:

  • Decreasing your resale value
  • Increase the chance of water leaking in your roofing or siding
  • If water does leak in the home and is not repaired mold could start to grow and that is a nightmare no homeowner wants to deal with.

However if your home has damage and your insurance company does pay to restore the home you have just:

  • Got rid of the ugly siding you have been meaning to change for years
  • Increased the resale value of your home
  • Increased the curb appeal to your home
  • If you have installed vinyl siding you have made your home much more energy efficient and maintenance free

Our restoration specialists will assist you with the following:

  • Preliminary exterior and interior inspection of your home
  • If in fact you do have damage, as a courtesy to our clients we will meet with your insurance company. Click here for more details on homeowner's insurance
  • Most homeowner's insurance carriers provide enough coverage so your home can be completely restored.
  • We will provide your insurance company with an estimate and show your carrier our findings.
  • We will review your insurance company's estimate with you
  • Supply siding, roofing, gutter, fence and window samples
  • Review any upgrades or recommendations we may have in regards to your project
  • And of course, restore your home to your 100% satisfaction


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How Shingles Become Damaged

Age: Most roofing shingles having life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. As the roof ages the quality of the shingle begins to deteriorate. This can lead to leaks and other structural problems.

Hail: A hail storm producing large hail stones (quarter size or lager) has the ability to puncture both the shingle and decking beneath. Click here to learn more about hail damage

High Winds: Winds gusting over 50 mph can lift the shingles causing the seals to break. Once broken they are impossible to reseal. These loosened shingles will the flap in the breeze and soon tear off.

Ventilation: Improper ventilation in your attic will cause the shingles to scorch and bubble up.



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