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We at First Class Remodeling know that one of the best investments you can make into your home is replacing your siding. The benefits certainly out weigh the costs:

If you are looking for a company that only installs vinyl siding that is durable, maintenance free and enhance the curb appeal of your home. First Class Remodeling is the company for you.

First Class Remodeling only uses premium grade siding with the following characteristics:

Durability - withstands the varying climates our geographic area has
Thickness: In order to maximize rigidity we only use vinyl siding .042 or thicker
Energy Efficiency - Remember vinyl siding is a non conductor of hot and cold so between changing you home to vinyl and install a insulation board you will be increasing the energy efficiency of your home
Labor -First Class Remodeling believes labor is the most important aspect of vinyl siding installation. Our installers are VSI certified to ensure that each installation we perform is the correct one. We are aware that vinyl siding needs a space between the nailing hem and the nail or buckling and/or cracking can occur.
We take the time to add j-channel around window, door frames and if need be around rake boards. Each j-channel is than caulked to ensure a water tight seal.

Appearance - One of the best benefits to this project is that you the homeowner can put your own personal touch on the exterior of your home. There are variety of different profiles, colors and styles to choose from.

A typical siding installation will include:

  • Siding, vapor barrier and or insulation board channel, nail, caluld, light blocks and mounts, and/or insulation board, gable vents, light blocks and mounts Please view pictures for further understanding.
  • Vinyl Siding Accessories

    Trim/Aluminum Cladding

    Do you have old rotted wood that you are tired of painting? If so we can cap off the wood with aluminum coil. The coil comes in a variety of colors but more importantly you do not have to paint, glaze or sand the wood ever again. This cladding can be installed around windows, doors, garage doors, posts, rake and fascia boards. Aluminum coil is a maintenance free material so no more paint brushes or ladders.

    Installation capping is a difficult project. You must have the proper equipment and an expert installer that can properly bend the aluminum or new capping will look wavy and start to buckle.


    First Class Remodeling only install siding will Lifetime Warrantees that will be passed down by the manufacturer



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