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storm damage

Siding, roofing, windows and gutters can be damaged by severe winds, hail, and ice. Damage to your home may not be seen by the untrained eye. Restoration Specialists at First Class Remodeling Inc. are trained to identify damage so we can assist our clients in restoring their home. If your home does not get repaired your resale value will be affected. Even worse if mold starts to grow due to a leaky roof or window you and your family will have significant health risks. If you suspect your home may have storm damage please call us today for a free inspection.

If you suspect your home has damage please call First Class Remodeling prior to your insurance company coming out!!! Let one of our experts examine your home for damage so when the insurance company comes out you know what to show them and how much it will cost. Most homeowners are not aware of current market siding/ roofing labor rates.

Hail, wind, ice and severe rain can cause damage to your siding, roofing windows and you may not be aware of it. Signs of storm damage are dents to your siding accompanying with "spatter marks", siding seams separating; caulk has been removed or may have become porous. Your siding has been removed or is wavy or buckling. If your siding is not repaired you run the risk of water being able to penetrate your walls thus leading to the possibility of mold and /or wood and sheathing rot. This is a headache no homeowner wants to deal with. Also, if you place your home on the market with hail damage this could severely affect your resale value.



First Class Remodeling installs only the best siding materials available. Our siding is available in a variety of colors, profiles and styles. Our installers have met the Vinyl siding institute qualifications to ensure that each installation is done properly and professionally. We only use aluminum coil that is coated in pvc. This coil has a wood grain texture and is maintenance free. Our installers are properly trained to cap, rake, fascia, windows, doors and soffit to maximize our products appearance and function properly.



Replacing your windows can be an expensive project and if done improperly can cause an even bigger headache than your old windows. That's why we recommend the Simonton Reflection series windows. The Simonton Reflection series windows come with energy efficient glass packages that separate themselves from other vinyl replacement windows on the market. In addition, First Class Remodeling only uses window installers that are experienced installing the Simonton window in any frame or opening. Each installer has been trained to ensure a tight seal between frame of the window and the inside window jamb. In combination with an energy efficient glass package this will maximize the energy efficiency and performance of the windows.



First Class Remodeling understands that replacing a roof is a large investment a homeowner can make. We work with only the best roofing materials and installers to ensure that our client's roof is installed properly. The roofing manufacturers we currently install offer a variety of color, styles and warranties.
First Class Remodeling only installs aluminum seamless gutters that are installed with the hidden hanger system. Our gutters come in a variety of colors so matching or siding of trim should not be a problem.



First Class Remodeling specializes in vinyl, aluminum, wood and chain link fencing. We offer a variety of color options and styles that can fit any budget. Please give us a call to discuss fencing options and receive an estimate.



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